COVID-19 Handbook

We are happy to introduce a catalog just for your covid -19 needs.


Floor & Wall Graphics

FLOOR & WALL GRAPHICS If you’re looking for custom floor decals, Sign City offers a wide range of floor graphics, from product advertising to Covid-19 distancing non slip decals. Our wall graphics can be directly applied to drywall, wood, metal or concrete, or as motivational quotes. Floor Decals Guide your customers through your store with … Read more

Dimensional Letters & Signs

DIMENSIONAL LETTERS & SIGNS We manufacture custom made dimensional signs and letters. Using in Interior and Exterior Foam, PVC, Acrylic, Laminates, and metal and architectural plaques. 3D Lettering High performance plastic letters and logos delivering infinite design possibilities at economical prices. Handcrafted metal letters along with elegant laminated display letters. Signs Using a mixture of … Read more

Flags & Tents

FLAGS & TENTS Event Tents Attract more foot traffic from ALL sides with Event Tents. The perfect eye-catching marketing structure for festivals, trade shows and more, Event Tents are printed on 11oz water-repellent fabric for extra durability. They include 4 fabric panels which can house up to 4 different designs. Each panel is sewn together … Read more


BANNERS Our  banners are digitally printed to give you access to millions of colors at a one color price. An affordable option that gives you the ability to use  indoor or outdoor. A 13 oz flexible material that allows easy, lightweight transportation, many options available depending on your requirements. MESH BANNERS Mesh banners are a … Read more

Tradeshow Displays

TRADESHOW DISPLAYS Make a stunning impression on any trade show floor, corporate or retail environment with a collection of off-the-shelf, superior quality fabric displays ranging from exhibit backwalls, exhibit kits, hanging structures and signs to architectural structures and accents such as columns, arches and more. With a  wide range of sophisticated, lightweight, simple-assembly displays and … Read more

Banner Stands


Banner stands offer the best value for any type of display. They are east to set up, customizable with graphics

and accessories. 

They can be used for many events such as meeting rooms, lobbies, trade shows and conferences, restaurants, airports, retail spaces and more. 

Banner stand can easily add branding and messaging in any space, no matter the size. Options are available for all budgets. Sign City has banner stands at several prices, ranging from economy to premium, making it easy to find the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Retractable, or roll up, banners stands are one of the most popular displays available. The banner easily retracts into the base, allowing for quick set up, storage and shipping.

Economy range of retractable banner stand provide basic design features, essentials and functionality at a low price. The stands are for limited multipurpose use.

Mid-range, standard retractable stands provide reliability, durability and ease of use. They are good quality, are affordable .

Premium range of retractable banner stands come with a lifetime warranty and unique, high-end styling points, these stands can be used daily and meant to last.

Artwork Examples



Are you looking for a way to turn potential customers into loyal clientele? Here at Sign City we provide not only a sign that will last for years and withstand weather conditions of all types, we provide you with a multitude of choices in terms of font, size, color and material. Our wide variety of choices allows you to create a sign that is both inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Here at Sign City, we make signs that are perfect for your business and your brand. This includes:

  • Real Estate Signs
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Vehicle Lettering
  • Vehicle Magnetics
  • Racing Stripes
  • Wood Signs
  • Metal Signs
  • Plastic Signs
  • Glass Lettering
  • Window Graphics
  • Clearance Signs
  • Decals
  • Yard Signs
  • 3D Foam Letters
  • Dry-erase Boards (Job Boards)
  • Construction Site Signs
  • Banners
  • Paint Mask Adhesive Vinyl
  • Sport Team Banners
  • Stencils
  • Single-Sided & Double- Sided Signs
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Temporary & Permanent Signs
  • and Much More!

First impressions are important when establishing a relationship with your customers. By creating a welcoming and professional sign you can leave a long- lasting impression before the customer even walks through the door!

To receive more information about Sign City or to create your personalized business sign Contact Us at Sign City. We look forward to helping you create a sign that reflects the professionalism and quality of you business!

Decals and Stickers

Sign City can supply you with high quality custom designed:

We create high quality products for schools, libraries, city organizations, events and functions, as well as law enforcement, construction companies and businesses both local and industrial. Our guaranteed products help advertise your company in a way that interests people and provides them with your brands logo, updates and information. Allowing both present and potential client access to information about your business in a professional and positive way.

  • Bumper Stickers
  • Decals
  • Stickers
  • License Plates
  • Vinyl Labels
  • Magnetic Business Cards
  • Mouse Pads

… and MORE!

Bumper Stickers: Bumper Stickers allow you to promote you business, raise awareness for an important cause or fundraiser and for some an easy way to express themselves to other drivers.

Window Decals: Window decals can be used to advertise in a way that is both attractive and professional by optimizing your brands exposure to potential clientele 24/7.

Custom Decals: Sign City can help you design a custom Decal for your wall, vehicle or store front window. Our team of signage professionals can assist you in customizing you logo in a way that will interest your customers by creating an innovative design. These Decals can be advantageous in the fact that they can be temporary or permanent! You can keep it classic or change it with the times! Sign City is here to help you with all of your Custom Decal needs.

Floor Graphics: Sign City is innovative with our business forward designs keeping up with popular designs and finding new ways to advertise that will ignite and inspire customers to choose you. Floor signs are made of a durable material that allows the signage to be passed over without damaging the logo/message/advertisement that has been installed.

Wall Decals: In the business or in the home wall decals are a great way to decorate, advertise and enhance available space in a way that compliments your brand or living area. Our team of design specialists can assist you in creating your own design or creating a design that fits your specific needs. From photographs to art-deco designs we here at Sign City are dedicated to designing a space that can be both professional and homey.

Safety Stickers: You can never be too careful and with Sign City Safety Stickers you can ensure the safety of not only you but your employees, customers and the public at large. By placing easy warning stickers around the work site you can ensure that workers will wear their hard hats, customers will watch their steps, and you to secure equipment before driving off.

We take great pride in custom designing your signs and printing to fit the color scheme and style of your business so everything we do for you will remain consistent with the rest of your marketing. So if you would like a quote on your next Stickers and Decals project today, fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our expert sign and printing consultants will get you a custom quote today!

Jobsite and Construction Signs

Construction signs are a great way to advertise your company while on-sight.

Signs are made of aluminum composite, a durable lightweight material that is able to withstand the many elements. Printed with 3m inks.

Its durability makes it the perfect sign for site advertising on an active construction site. In addition to its durability its

lightweight nature makes it easy to install and relocate if necessary.

All there is to do is place your sign in the desired area; it will expose your business, services and contact information to those passing by.

Not only can they help your business by advertising, but  signs can be beneficial when trying to keep a safe work environment in dangerous conditions. You can use signs to caution against fast driving; remind workers to keep helmets on at all times or even just to watch their step.

Here at Sign City our team of trained signage specialists can use any of your desired photographs, designs, logos and text to create a product that fits your needs.

We take great pride in custom designing your signs and printing to fit the color scheme and style of your business so everything we do for you will remain consistent with the rest of your marketing.

So if you would like a quote on your next Jobsite and Construction Signs project today, fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our expert sign and printing consultants will get you a custom quote today!